Salad Dressing & Soy

Ocha Salad Dressing and Soy are available at Ocha, Toscanos and Leos. The prices at Ocha are listed below. Please note, Toscanos and Leos pricing may vary.

Ocha's Original Salad Dressing $15.5

Ocha's Yuzu Dressing $15.5

Ocha's Ponzu (Citrus Soy) or Sushi Soy $11.5

Ocha's Oyster Dressing $18.5

"The Food of Ocha"

The Food Of Ocha—Modern Japanese Cuisine is a rarity: a cookbook by a Japanese- born, second generation chef, who has run one of Melbourne’s leading Japanese restaurants for 20+ years, after coming to Australia on a cooking adventure.

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Gift Vouchers

If you wish to gift an Ocha meal to a friend, you may buy a gift voucher.

Gift vouchers can be bought for any amount at the restaurant (or phone us and provide us with payment details.) Vouchers are valid for a period of one year.

Please note, for vouchers which are not redeemed for their full value, we will provide a new voucher with the amount of the difference.